Coaching Clinics

On request the Guild can help your club run coaching clinics for your members - particularly helpful if your club does not have members who are qualified coaches.

We suggest that clubs run these at a suitable venue of their choice and charge members a nominal fee for the session. Usually it is best to schedule two sessions so that valuable follow up is possible to ensure archers are progressing. The Guild will endeavour to identify a number of coaches to run the session and once they have been identified, will contact you to agree the dates of the sessions.

The Guild will charge £5 per archer for each session to cover the travelling expenses of the coaches who will be paid mileage. There is nothing to stop clubs charging more than this however to cover any venue costs etc.

Coaches: The Guild encourages qualified coaches to assist with such clinics – this provides excellent activity to include in their work records. If you are able to participate in just two of these per year, Essex & Suffolk will have another coaching scheme which will be the envy of other Counties.

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