Coach Renewal Process

Coach License Renewal Application Form CR01/08 (pdf)

Coach Certificate Renewal Process – your questions answered!

Why is it changing?

The old process was inadequate in several respects: most significantly there was a. no standard for the ‘work’ which need to be seen on your work record and b. no requirement to show that some attempt was being made to keep archery and coaching knowledge and skills up to date.

What is the new process?

The new process starts with Archery GB (GNAS) sending you a letter approx. three months before your certificate expires, asking you to start the renewal process. If your CRB certificate expires within 6 months of your renewal, you must also contact the Archery GB (GNAS) office and ask them to send you a CRB form.

Do I still have to send in my work record?

Yes, you do. However, it doesn’t need to be as detailed as previously – you simply complete a form which summarises how many times you have delivered different categories of coaching activity. Typical categories are: have-a-go’s, beginners course sessions, one-to-one coaching at squad sessions or coaching clinics. Your work record is how you show that you are active in your role and delivering the sort of work which is expected of your coach grade. The blank form is linked above.

What is CPD and why do I have to do it?

CPD stands for Continued Professional Development and is very much about “education”. It provides a mechanism by which coaches can more objectively show that they are keeping their knowledge and skills up to date and relevant to modern archery practice. It works by allocating points to different kinds of educational activity – seminars, workshops, conferences and other learning opportunities. Coaches of different grades are now required to show on their renewal form how many points they have accumulated over the previous three years. A table is published which tells you how many points you get for each type of learning activity.

What is the difference between work and CPD?

As described above, CPD is very much about “education” which is distinctly separate from the “work” you do as a coach. Work will usually be in the form of delivering coaching related activities to and on behalf of others. Examples of work include have-a-go’s, beginners course sessions, one-to-one coaching of archers at any standard, tutoring or mentoring coaches in training and there are many others. CPD on the other hand is what you do to keep your knowledge up to date. Typically CPD is something you do for your benefit while work is usually done for somebody elses!

How many points do I have to get?

Each coach grade has a target number of points to accumulate over the previous three years to qualify for renewal with respect to CPD. These are presently as follows:

Level 1: 10 points

Level 2/Coach: 15 points

Level 3/County Coach (and above): 20 points

 Where do I send my Coach Renewal Documentation?

CRB Documentation – your CRB disclosure should always be sent to Archery GB.

Level 1 and Coach/Level 2 – send your renewal documents to:

John Willson

82 Beech Road





County Coach – send your renewal documents to:

David Squibb

86 Lincoln Ave.

Rush Green